Hey there! I wanted to pop on to wish you a  Happy New Year! 

Now, you might be thinking, “Uh Deb, you’re a week late!” But here’s the thing… You didn’t need a video or a post from me on January 1st to motivate you to take action on whatever “New Years Resolution” you set for yourself.

I’m guessing that you got out of bed last Tuesday loaded with all the motivation and resolve you needed to start down the path of achieving whatever goal you were aiming at. You were excited! And that excitement is usually enough to drown out the bully in your brain who wants no part of this new goal – because it represents the unknown – at least for a while…

But, here we are, a week into 2019, and it’s possible that your excitement is beginning to wane a bit. It’s possible that the bully’s talk is now breaking through. It’s possible that all kinds of excuses (legitimate or not) are beginning to creep into your self-talk that are sabotaging your journey… and it’s only January 8th.

The sad fact is that most people (the statistics vary, but let’s just say the number is well over 50%) abandon their New Year’s goals by the middle of January. But you are NOT MOST people… You wouldn’t be watching this video if you were.

I contend that most people fail to achieve their New Years goals (or the goals they set at any other time of the year) because they are not setting the RIGHT kind of goals.

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions (goal-setting, call it what you will), there are three levels of goals we can aspire to:

  • Level 3 Goals – These are things we already know how to do. An example would be buying a new car. Let’s say you bought a new Honda 4 years ago and your goal is to buy a new Honda this year; you’ve done it before. You know EXACTLY what you need to do to buy that new car. So, you may or may not achieve that goal, but whether you do or not, there is no growth associated with a level 3 goal. And, of course, the purpose of a goal (other than the utilitarian aspects of acquiring something) is the growth we experience along the way to its achievement.
  • Level 2 Goals – Level 2 Goals are things you THINK you can do. They are just beyond the boundaries of things you have achieved in the past, but you can still make a plan for achieving a Level 2 goal. Going back to our car example, you bought a Honda 4 years ago and your Level 2 goal this year might be to buy a new BMW. You’ve never done it before, but you are pretty sure you can make a plan for how to buy a new BMW. Level 2 goals allow for some growth, but there is little inspiration involved in their achievement.
  • Level 1 Goals – Level 1 goals are fantasies – things you’ve never done before and, furthermore, you have no earthly idea HOW you could ever achieve. Extending our car example, a level 1 car goal might be to buy a Bugatti. How on earth could you ever do that? Level 1 goals require you to grow into the person that would have that goal.

Most people bounce around between Level 3 and Level 2 goals. They stick with setting the same Level 3 goals year after year and somewhere along the way they get bored. They get an urging for something more in life, so they might jump up to a level 2 goal for a while, but when an inevitable obstacle is placed in their path, they quit because there is no inspiration to keep on going, and they slip back to their level 3 goals.

Can you think of a time in your life where this dance between Level 3 and Level 2 goals played out? I can… LOTS of times!

Here’s the thing… Having a goal that not only excites you, but also inspires you, and requires you to grow into the person that would have what you want, is one of the major keys to achieving it! It’s not easy and you won’t know every step along the path. But how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time, right? Go as far as you can see and when you get there you’ll be able to see how to go further.

And, if you’re thinking that you’ve blown it for 2019 because you didn’t set the right goal to pursue on January 1st, think again! EVERY DAY is a new opportunity to chase a new dream. TODAY is a GREAT day to retool your path for 2019.

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Again, from all of us at Cheslow Achievement Group, Happy New Year.

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