We’ve had so many people who have seen one of Deb’s presentations or who’ve graduated from one of her coaching programs ask if there was a way they could just get a little “booster shot” of Deb.  Well, we think we finally have what the doctor ordered!


The Monthly Dose of Deb Teleclass

The Monthly Dose of Deb Teleclass will meet via phone each month for a full hour.  The first part of the hour will be a discussion of a topic that has come up over and over during conversations.  Deb will bring the topic to light and then offer tips for applying it to your life.

As an example, Deb gets a lot of questions about Imagineering, so one month she might spend time discussing some of the keys to effective Imagineering and then offer some suggestions that you can use over the next month to make the most of your Imagineering sessions.

This is a terrific opportunity to embrace new information each month and is perfect for people who just need a monthly motivational boost to stay on track. Can’t be on the call live?  No worries! Each teleclass is recorded and posted on a Members-Only website. The link will be emailed to all members after each class.

And the really great news is that all active members of any of Deb’s online coaching programs are automatically enrolled.  You don’t have to do a thing.

So, if you’re just looking for a monthly boost of motivation that is guaranteed to propel you forward, go check it out now!

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