Back on August 27, our Executive Team convened for a Masterminding Session to map out our goals for the remainder of 2013.  A true mastermind differs drastically from “brainstorming” session that many companies hold for such purposes in that the point is to take the lid off the possibilities.  Regardless of how ridiculous, outlandish, or seemingly impossible the idea, it must be entertained without any conversation about WHY it is ridiculous, outlandish. or impossible – no energy can be given to why something CAN’T be done.

So as the morning went on there were lots of ideas being tossed about – some very practical and very plannable, others so far-fetched as not to be believed – and what happened is that one idea built upon another and another and you could feel this enormous ball of energy in the center of the table that was just fostering the creation of one idea after another.  It was seriously awesome!

After several hours we had our goal – and it was HUGE!!

Deb Cheslow Consulting’s mission is to help millions of people move beyond ordinary and live extraordinary lives and this requires courage – the courage to set a goal that is so big, so unrealistic that it excites you and scares you at the same time.  It’s not good enough to just say that – you have to practice what you preach, so with this in mind, the executive team at Deb Cheslow Consulting has set a 3-DAChuge, scary goal – a goal that will further their mission AND do some amazing good in the local community at the same time.

The goal:  Sell 100,000 books, products, programs in any combination during the month of September and donate a portion of the sales to the Domestic Abuse Council of Volusia County.  We want to write DAC a big 5-figure check on October 1st – the beginning of Domestic Abuse Awareness Month.  Buy a book, buy a self-study program, buy a bookmark – everything counts!

What does this have to do with you? We’re not sure, perhaps nothing, perhaps EVERYTHING!

Please ponder who you might know in your circles who may be looking for a gift for their employees, their clients, a premium to entice people to buy their products or services, a giveaway for non-profit organizations to give to donors, etc. – something that would make a REAL difference in people’s lives?

Again, just like in a mastermind session, no idea is to big or too small.  If you have an idea for us please call us at (386) 308-2155!

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