decisionParadigms… Programming… Conditioning… Upper Limits… Whatever we choose to call them – those artificial limitations that we place on ourselves and our performance subconsciously SUCK!  WHY are they so hard to overcome?  Why can’t we just make a decision to change and then just… CHANGE?

It’s not that we are weak-willed or that we lack self-discipline – not at all!  On the contrary, most people who have any self-awareness at all realize that they possess deep reservoirs of self-discipline and they prove it every day… in their jobs… their hobbies… their relationships, etc. However, for just about every person on the planet (if not every person on the planet), there is at least one area of life (if not multiple areas) where it feels like we completely lose control, time after time.

For example, many people feel they have an issue with overeating, or laziness, or self-sabotage, etc.  They go along just fine for days, weeks, or even months – doing what they need to do to make forward progress, but then one day, without warning, they find themselves going completely off the rails and engaging in behaviors that take them backwards.

Why does this happen?

Is the quest for change and the creation of a better life hopeless and a complete waste of time?

Should we just make the best of a bad situation and be glad that we’re better off than most people?

The answer to the first question: It’s not that we are undisciplined and destined to be overweight, unhealthy, unsuccessful “failures,” rather that we are ADDICTED to the emotions that result from being those things… guilt, shame, failure, anger, sadness, overwhelm, victimization, hopelessness…  We literally become addicted to certain emotions and there is a certain withdrawal that occurs when they are absent.

And, since we move through our lives steered by our subconscious mind 95% of the time, it is inevitable that we will lapse into familiar patterns that support our addictions when we let our guard down.

So, is our quest for change futile?

NO, of course not!

But real, permanent change is a process.  It takes time, and there is no short cut or magic bullet.

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