Will Angie conquer her terror barrier of ocean swimming?  Stay tuned!!
Will Angie conquer her terror barrier of ocean swimming? Stay tuned!!

I witnessed yet another example of “Aim – Fire – Ready” this week and it’s a doozie, so I’m going to let Angie tell you all about it, since she did all the work.

Seriously? Will I NEVER learn? Okay, so here’s how it went down. I was laying in bed minding my own business, reading the latest issue of Fitness Magazine and they had an article about training for a Sprint Distance Triathlon. I was reading it because doing a tri has been on my bucket list for some time now. I was actually training for one back in 2001 when I got pregnant with Josh and then stopped (gained 60 pounds during my pregnancy, you know the drill). So I casually mention it to Deb – “Hey, want to do a sprint tri with me?” She reminded me that she can’t run, so that kind of knocks out 1/3 of the event, but then she says, “but you should totally do it – you’ve wanted to do one for so long…”

True, but training on my own?

Swimming in the ocean?

Could I actually do that?

The gauntlet had been laid down – she was challenging me – COULD I do it? Hmmm. Well, why the hell not?

So, before I got to thinking about it too much, I jumped online, found an event in Daytona Beach Shores on July 14th, registered for it and plastered it all over Facebook – you know, before I could change my mind.

Seriously people? Haven’t we been here before? Didn’t I do this same darned thing last year with the Century bike ride? Did I learn NOTHING?

Apparently not, because here we go again.

It actually works out pretty well timing wise – we have free week coming up the week of April 30, then I will get to training on May 6th. 10 weeks later is the race – then a week later is my 30th high school reunion. This could work to my advantage!!

Okay, so another physical adventure is underway! Tune in to the My Release Plan Blog on Fridays, starting May 10th, and I’ll post weekly food intake and workouts, so you can join in the fun!!

And, if you happen to be looking for a challenge, live in the Daytona Beach area and want to train for a triathlon, I’d love the company – just sayin…


Is that not a classic “Aim – Fire – Ready” scenario?  She decided to register for the race before she really even knew anything about what was involved in the training!  You’ve got to love that!  And, I’m hear to tell you that once she DID figure out what she was in for during the upcoming months, she was scared to death!  BUT, what I know is that she WILL figure it out along the way!

The next time you, your team or company are in a “should we or shouldn’t we” situation, remember the “Aim – Fire – Ready” philosophy and just go for it!!

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