Mental Toughness


I was watching a short presentation by Mastin Kipp (founder of The Daily Love) the other day and he was discussing the fallacy of fear, and how, when you work your way around to the other side of fear, you find exhilaration. I started thinking about it and the physical sensations of exhilaration and anxiety are almost exactly the same – there’s a kind of buzz in your brain and a funny feeling in your chest… your pulse rate rises… and you get a certain tunnel vision type of focus on the situation at hand.  The difference is the thoughts […]

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Move Your Feet!

The Quakers have a saying:  “When you pray, move your feet.” We have to keep our eye on the prize; we have to constantly hold the vision of our big, unrealogical goal and focus on it intently (that’s the prayer part).  But in the here and now, we have to take logical, planned action every single day that will move us toward that goal (that’s the “move your feet” part). You see, remarkable people make a habit of doing things that MOST PEOPLE can’t, don’t, or won’t do.  That is the key difference between the people who succeed and those […]

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Your Brave Mind

I am so excited to announce a terrific new collaboration between Cheslow Achievement Group and Meredith Atwood, LLC that we’re calling “Your Brave Mind.” Meredith Atwood (aka Swim Bike Mom) is a wife, mother, former-attorney, author, coach, and IRONMAN triathlete. Her blog ( is wildly popular among women and men who love to (or want to) swim, bike and run. Her blog offers a very raw, real account of her successes, failures, and struggles. She is a sought-after mentor as well as a speaker for triathlon clubs and women’s groups nationwide. She is a USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach, Youth and […]

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