Peak Performance

Addicted to FEELINGS?

Paradigms… Programming… Conditioning… Upper Limits… Whatever we choose to call them – those artificial limitations that we place on ourselves and our performance subconsciously SUCK!  WHY are they so hard to overcome?  Why can’t we just make a decision to change and then just… CHANGE? It’s not that we are weak-willed or that we lack self-discipline – not at all!  On the contrary, most people who have any self-awareness at all realize that they possess deep reservoirs of self-discipline and they prove it every day… in their jobs… their hobbies… their relationships, etc. However, for just about every person on […]

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2017!  This is the time of year when so many people make a list of “resolutions” for the New Year, only to have them broken and long forgotten by February in most cases.  I no longer make New Years Resolutions, but I do set goals each year.  As I contemplated my goals for 2017, I wanted to make certain that they were appropriate – not to say there are “right” goals and “wrong” goals, but rather, will pursuing them help me grow and evolve as a person? I really like this quote:  “Set a […]

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Taking Ownership of Your Results – A Lesson in Accountability

“Accountability bridges the gap between intention and results.” Back in 1993 a study was conducted at Brigham Young University related to goal achievement.  The study found that the probability of achieving a particular goal was associated with the statements a person made about the goal.  People who said “That’s a good idea” had a 10% chance.  Those who said “I’ll do it,” had a 25% chance of reaching their goal.  Those who put a date by which they planned to achieve their goal had a 40% chance of doing so.  Those who developed a specific plan for reaching their goal […]

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