complainingWhen I am working with clients we inevitably get around to the story of how I discovered the material and concepts that I teach.

I have to tell you, when I found this information I was probably the most miserable person on the planet.  I tell people that I was essentially a “Vulcan” (for you Trekkies out there) – I had been badly scarred from the way my marriage ended and had essentially shut myself off from emotion – I didn’t allow myself to “feel” things. I was a hermit… I left the house to go to work and to go to karate and that’s about it.  I had some friends, but it was all about getting together and complaining about all of the crap that was happening in our lives…  The boss this…  The kids that…  So and so the other thing…

In retrospect I absolutely shudder when I think about those days!!  The “bitch and whine” sessions never made me feel any better – in fact, they just amplified how messed up my life was.

Then, a colleague asked me to do him a favor and attend a book study he was hosting.   I begrudgingly agreed.  The book we studied was Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. 

At first I dug in my heels- I didn’t DO “positive thinking nonsense.”

After a couple of weeks, something started niggling at me – what if there was something to this after all?

Then I was hooked – I started applying the concepts I was learning in a very methodical way – testing them.  And they worked!!

My life started getting better and better and better.  I felt better than I had in YEARS!  About halfway through the book study, our leader threw down a challenge – no complaining for 30 days.


So, I took up the challenge and being the stubborn person that I am I followed through (I was the ONLY person in the group to successfully make it through the whole 30 days – including our leader) and I can honestly say that it changed my life!!

My head was so much clearer without all of the negative noise. That’s not to say that “complaint worthy” things didn’t pop into my head – they did, but I just swept them away like so much garbage on the floor – no energy whatsoever.  It completely changed my perspective on life – my ability to turn obstacles into opportunities skyrocketed, to see the best in people, to look for the good in all situations.  It was a transformational experience!!

Did you ever stop to notice that complaining never gets you anywhere?  See, when you complain you only seem to attract more things to complain about and more complainers to surround yourself with.  It’s a negative, out of control spiral!!!

So, my challenge to you is to commit to remaining “complaint-free” for 30 days.

When a negative thought comes into your mind, just dismiss it without giving voice to it.

I guarantee that people will want to know who you are and what you’ve done with the REAL (insert your name here) by the time 30 days passes.

If you catch yourself complaining , you have to start over at Day 1!!

I’ll tell you right now that I have issued this challenge to HUNDREDS of people over the years, including Angie, and not only one person has made it through all 30 days (and it wasn’t Angie).

Take up this challenge and then email me when you’re through it – I can’t wait to hear what happens!!

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