Last Fall Deb and I were sitting in a conference room in Scottsdale, AZ at a weekend intensive school our publishing company provides for new authors and we were talking about key messaging – who was our audience and why should they want to hear about us (or buy our book, programs, etc.)?  It was a great question and we had an answer, but it quickly became apparent that our target market was just too broad.  So, over a glass of wine that night we gave some concerted thought to who we wanted to talk to – who our ideal client was.  What we came to realize was that we have two pretty amazing stories to tell – 2 sides of a very common condition.  You see, Deb and I had both suffered from chronic, low-level depression for YEARS before finding the concepts we teach and we used those concepts to send depression packing – for good!!

Dysthymia is the term the medical community has given to people like Deb and me – that feeling that the best of life is behind you, that you just don’t measure up, the “is this ALL there is” feeling – it’s insidious!  Like its cousin, clinical depression, low–grade depression hits women roughly twice as often as men.  Dysthymia is, by definition, chronic.  A diagnosis requires the presence of symptoms on more days than not for a period of at least two years, which is what makes it so hard to pin down. Any given day might be okay, even happy. Yet in the general run of days, there are more gray ones than not, more unhappiness than joy. Most people afflicted with this kind of chronic malaise instinctively blame themselves: They would rather believe they can solve the problem—if they could just find the right job or the right man or lose weight—than admit they have a psychiatric disorder.  Unfortunately, many people who are suffering do not seek help because they have been feeling this way for so long, the feelings of depression and malaise are their “normal.”

In our new workbook, “Overcome Dysthymia:  Break Free and Create a Life You Love,” Deb and I share our own stories and then share some foundational information and then lay out the process we both went through to kick our depression to the curb for good!  It’s an easy read with lots of thought provoking exercises that are simple, but not necessarily easy.  If you’re wondering if there shouldn’t be more to life than you’re currently experiencing, you’re probably right and we have the simple solution for your success!  Check out our book, our workbook and our online workshop programs at Oh, and we’d love to share a FREE 5-part video series with you that introduces you to all the basics so you can see what we’re talking about.  Just enter your name and email address on our home page at now!!!

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