I was watching a short presentation by Mastin Kipp (founder of The Daily Love) the other day and he was discussing the fallacy of fear, and how, when you work your way around to the other side of fear, you find exhilaration. I started thinking about it and the physical sensations of exhilaration and anxiety are almost exactly the same – there’s a kind of buzz in your brain and a funny feeling in your chest… your pulse rate rises… and you get a certain tunnel vision type of focus on the situation at hand.  The difference is the thoughts about the situation – one is positive and the other is crushingly – sometimes paralyzingly – negative.

Kipp said that, barring a truly physically dangerous scenario, FEAR is the compass pointing you in the direction you need to go and that the thing that scares you the most is the VERY thing you need to do the most.

So, what are YOU afraid of?

What amazing ideas do you have rolling around in your head that you are procrastinating because you are afraid and uncomfortable?

What if that fear was the very thing you needed to run toward in order to achieve the lifestyle you desire? What IF this were true?

What IF this were true?

Here is my 6-step process for moving past that fear:

1. Identify something that you are procrastinating because you are afraid or uncomfortable.

2. Identify the ONE worst possible thing that could possibly happen if you did that thing.

3. Logically analyze the probability of that ONE worst thing actually coming to pass.

4. Make a list (as exhaustive as possible) of all the benefits that would accrue if you did that thing.

5. Decide whether all the benefits are worth risking the tiny probability of the worst case scenario actually occurring

6. Identify 2-3 things you can start doing right now to move you toward that thing. Feel the fear and do it anyway – step into courageous action!

Then, watch the fear (anxiety) transform into exhilaration right before your eyes!

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