It is only natural for people to derive much of their self-identity – and even their self-worth – from what they DO in life – their careers… their hobbies… And we invoke the most powerful two words in language when we discuss those things – I AM.

I AM a business owner…

I AM a mother…

I AM a coach…

For many years, my identity was that of a US Air Force Pilot.

Then, I became a Mom, and that was my identity.

As my children grew up and required less of my time and energy, I searched for something else to give my life purpose and meaning, and I found karate. I poured my heart and my soul into becoming the best martial artist I could be – and then, when I had progressed far enough, into teaching others to be the best martial artists THEY could be.

Then, several years ago, for myriad reasons karate fell away and it left a big hole. I mean, I was still a business owner, and a mom, and a coach – still all those things and more – but without karate in my day-to-day life, I felt an emptiness and realized that I needed to find a new outlet that wasn’t work-related.

Angie and I tried long-distance cycling, but it wasn’t for me.

Angie doubled down on her love of cycling and entered the world of endurance triathlon, and for a short time, I thought that perhaps I could make myself love it too.

But I didn’t.

I was about to give up on my quest for “my thing,” thinking instead that perhaps I was on more of an INNER journey than an OUTER journey – and that was okay.

Then, in January, quite unexpectedly, I was blindsided by a new love. I was open to something new and exciting; however, I wasn’t actively looking for it.

And then it showed up anyhow – the way most great love affairs happen.

I found CREW – or rather crew found me.

Yes, rowing those skinny long boats you see out on the river at dawn.

Which is interesting because I’ve never really had any interest in rowing up to this time in my life, but it showed up and I was open to the possibilities.

It turns out that Daytona Beach has a Rowing Club – and it is a terrific organization!

The group made me feel welcome from day 1 and I love being out on the water. It’s the same way I felt about karate all those years ago. I’ve finally found my thing.

I am a ROWER! And I LOVE it!!

What do YOU love?

Set your intention that it will find you, and be open to receiving it when it shows up – even if it’s nothing like what you thought it would be.

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