18-dyerAt some point in your life you have probably heard the statement “God answers all prayers”; and if you are like most people, when the time came that you really needed some help from a power higher than yourself, you dropped to your knees, clasped your hands together and prayed for that help to come.

Well here’s the thing…

God (or whatever you choose to call that universal power that is larger than us mere mortals) does indeed answer all of your prayers.

The thing is it’s not the prayers you speak with your mouth that are heard, but rather the ones you speak with your heart and your soul.

It’s what you believe that you will attract.

Let’s take a materialistic example.  Say you want to earn $100,000 next year and you pray with your mouth for $100,000 next year, but deep down inside you really only believe yourself to be worth $20,000, or you believe that financial struggles are just a part of life, or you believe that you will never make ends meet.

Guess what?  Your prayers will be answered and you will earn $20,000 next year and continue to struggle financially.

Another thing you have to understand is that even if you deeply believe in your heart what you are praying for, your time is not necessarily God’s time.  AND, God may have something totally different and ultimately much better for you planned.

At the end of the day, your best hope of having your prayers answered is to work on your self image, so that your beliefs really do align with what you are asking for, and to steadily take action each and every day toward what you want.  If you believe it; if you want it with a burning desire; if you expect it will come to you; and you take action toward it every day, you cannot fail to eventually achieve what you want.

Use visualization exercises, vision boards, affirmations and such to build your desire, belief and expectancy and use a daily commitment sheet and accountability partners to drive you into daily action.

Don’t stop until you reach your goal!

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