Have you ever noticed that the things you don’t care about too much come together way easier than the “big deal” desires of life.  Why is it that an email from an old friend arrives the day after we were randomly thinking about them, but the phone hasn’t rung in weeks after interviewing for a dream job?

How is it that we can manifest a free cup of coffee in the blink of an eye, but taking our income from $50,000/year to $500,000/year seems next to impossible?

Why does the stuff we really don’t care that much about happen so quickly, while the things that really matter seem to take forever?

The answer is that there is a HUGE difference in the energy!  You might think that when we make something a huge, hairy deal, that it would light a fire under the Universe to deliver it faster.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.  That’s because when something really matters to us – when it’s a really big deal in our life – there is a lot of emotion behind it – and usually it’s not positive emotion. And, as we know, negative emotions are not conducive to drawing what we want into our lives.

Think about it for a moment: When something is really important to us it’s not unusual to feel a slight tension or anxiety, right?  It’s a stress signal that tells the Universe that all is not well here, that we’re somewhat on edge.  That stress and anxiety (negative energy) actually repels what we want from us; it actually attracts more tension, anxiety, and stress into our life.

The million dollar question (quite literally in some cases) becomes “How do we get past that in order to let the ‘big’ stuff manifest just as quickly and effortlessly as the ‘little’ stuff?”

Ready?  This is a game-changer…

The answer is to care, but NOT THAT MUCH. Relax… Don’t make it such an emotionally charged big deal.  Now, that doesn’t mean we give up the desire to have it, or that we really DON’T care.  It just means we take the life or death, emotional component out of it as far as our feelings go.

See, if our happiness or satisfaction is conditional on this result, then we’re signaling the Universe for a delay.  We’ve got to get happy/relaxed/peaceful/fulfilled first, and then (and only then) will it deliver what we want.

I can hear you now:  Great, super, sure thing Deb…  How in the heck do I do THAT?  Well, there are lots of things you can do.

Appreciate what’s going on around you RIGHT NOW and reflect on all the things you have in your life to be profoundly grateful for ALREADY!! The simple act of taking out a piece of paper and writing down 5-10 things that you are grateful for can help you release the “need” to manifest your desire THIS MINUTE!  Life is already pretty darn good.  Now, of course, having what we’re striving for would make it even better, but we don’t have to have it right this second to be happy.  We CARE… but not that much!

Embrace the truth that our way is not necessarily the BEST way. We have to understand that the universe (God) just might have an even better plan for us if we are open to it. Embracing this philosophy helps to lessen our attachment to getting exactly what we want exactly when we want it. We CARE… But not that much!

Everything is easy for the universe (God). Sometimes we just have to remind ourselves that everything is easy for God (the Universe).  There’s no meaningful difference between bringing us a huge pile of money or a good song on the radio.

We’re the ones making some things harder than others – and we can change that.  When we stop making things a big deal, when we remember that it’s all the same and that we don’t need anything to be happy anyway, then we become much more effective at manifesting what we want.

The key is to have complete belief and expectation that what we want is coming to us and to care – but not that much – about HOW it will actually be delivered!

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