I’m a huge proponent of setting big, beautiful goals – goals that are so big they make many of my friends laugh out loud at the apparent absurdity of their size and scope. That’s okay, I know that if my goals don’t scare me in a big way then they’re not worthy goals, they’re not goals that will stretch me and make me grow. Sometimes Deb and I will come up with a new goal and just giggle at ourselves because on its face it just seems ridiculous and undoable, but that’s when we KNOW that we’re on the right track! We have our goals in word processing documents where they are easy to modify as pieces fall into place and the way begins to show itself.

However, recently, we have taken things to a new level. We have committed to writing out our goals (or pieces of them) – in long hand – for at least 15 minutes and then taking another 15 minutes to purposefully visualize that goal as having already manifested in our lives for 30 days. There is a definite difference between just typing a goal out on the computer and putting pen to paper. I know that writing is the beginning of the creative process – Writing causes thinking, thinking creates an image, images create feelings, feelings move us into action and action is the ONLY thing that can produce results.

I am only a week into this commitment and I can already feel such a HUGE difference in the FEELING component of my visualizing process. It is so incredibly powerful!! I will start writing about a piece of my goal – maybe even a very small piece – and the process of writing it down – the feeling of my hand starting to cramp up as I scribble furiously every detail that I can possibly envision – creates such emotion, such FEELING!! I would always feel good after I would type out my goal, but I can only describe what I feel after writing long hand for 15-20 minutes each day is sheer BLISS!!! Then to actually sit back and close my eyes and see what I wrote breathe life on the screen of my mind it just gets even better!!

So, I challenge each and every one of you to get a pad of paper and a few pens and COMMIT to doing this exercise for at least 30 days – write for at least 15 minutes and then sit back and purposely visualize what you wrote as having happened. Pick a time of day to do this when you are most creative; hard schedule the time in your calendar; write in the present tense from a place of joy and gratitude that your desire has indeed manifested. We always start our written visualizing exercise by writing “I am so happy and grateful now that…” and then continuing into our writing exercise. It is FABULOUS!!!

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