Angie and I would like to apologize for our blog-neglect the past couple of weeks.  On top of our CRAZY travel schedule for seminars and conferences, we have been completing the final edits on our book.  Yes, you read that right – our BOOK!!  The Simple Success Solution will be available on and Barnes & Noble (online and brick & mortar) within the next month!!  We are so excited about this!!  It’s funny, we coach people in this material every day and we are still amazed when our dreams suddenly manifest into reality seemingly right before our very eyes!  Not that the book process wasn’t arduous – it was!  There were a lot of sleepless nights and coffee-filled mornings along the way, but the fact remains that this book was just an idea – a lark, a fancy – in our minds only SIX MONTHS ago.  We both decided that we were going to write a book even though we didn’t have the first clue how to go about it.  Once we made that committed decision – just like we teach – people and opportunities made themselves available to us and now we have a book.And some very cool people have read it and actually LIKED it!!  Here’s an advance look at what they had to say…

“Deb and Angie are both friends of mine and have done a great job of sharing valuable life changing information on every page in their book. This book is bound to change the life of every person who takes the lessons in each chapter and applies them in their life.” – Bob Proctor, Bestselling author of You Were Born Rich and Chairman of the LifeSuccess Group of Companies

“Powerful, uplifting and educational, The Simple Success Solution, is one of those books you’ll need to buy several copies of and give to everyone you know.  Deb and Angie are Norman Vincent Peale and Dale Carnegie rolled into one. -Doug Wead, New York Times bestselling author and advisor to two presidents

“You have picked up a gem among stones by choosing to read this book and allowing it to guide you to your next level of achievement.  I have personally worked with the authors and seen them grow to the point where this book became an absolute necessity.  Deb Cheslow and Angie Flynn are experts on the true source of every result we get in life, understanding the true operation of our glorious, untouchable minds.  We get results in every area of our life, at work, our relationships at home, even in the health of our physical bodies.  You will need to read this book differently that how you are used to reading.  If you read it once it may inspire you, but if you commit to study this book for a year it will change every aspect of your life.  This is not a school assignment that you learn, take a test on, and move on.  This is a journey, and every chapter will have more meaning for you every time you read it.” – Mark Moffitt, Vice President of Business Development, LifeSuccess Consultants, LLC

“We recently attended a training summit in Delray Beach Florida and were first met by facilitators Deb Cheslow and Angie Flynn. These ladies were friendly, concise, focused and very quick it was evident they were purpose driven people.   They have both achieved great success in their chosen profession and at the same time managing a family.  The Simple Success Solution will challenge you to your core, encouraging you to go after what you really want regardless of what your current circumstances may be.  In life you can have what you want but in order to achieve it you have to be willing to break old beliefs, habits and set up a new internal resonance that is in harmony with what you want so that you will attract new circumstances and people into your life. The Simple Success Solution will provide the orderly process so that you become the person you are seeking to be.  In life we don’t get what we want we get what we are! Decide now, do what these two remarkable ladies chose to do and live the life of your dreams.” – Claudia Eifert and Bill Rowell, Director European Operations, YOUnique