There are only a handful of days until we reach 2014 and for many people it is a time for introspection – for a look back over the year to see what has been accomplished and what still needs to be done.

When you look back over 2013 is it with wonder and amazement over how far you’ve come or is it a tad bittersweet, scattered with dreams and desires unfulfilled, false starts, do-overs, and regret?

How you view the past year is all a matter of perspective and I KNOW, as surely as I know that the sun will rise tomorrow, if I sat down and chatted with each of you I could find dozens – hundreds even – of things you have accomplished this year that should excite and amaze you.

Why do WE (I started to type “you,” but I realize I am as guilty of this as the next person) continually beat ourselves up over the “losses” instead of celebrating all the “wins” along the way?

Why do we do that?

If we know that thoughts are things and we get more of what we focus our attention on, why on earth would we focus on our “failures” instead of our successes?

My-success-jarI encourage you to start a new tradition in 2014.  It’s called a Success Jar.  Take a container of some kind (it can be a box, a jar, a large piece of Tupperware – whatever) and whenever you have some success – write it down on a slip of paper, date it, and put it in the Win Jar.  You can pre-cut slips of paper and paper clip them together and store them in the jar with a pen, so everything is right there for you.

It may be as simple as, “I called a hot new prospect today (1/10/14)” or “I released 5 pounds this week (3/5/14)” or major like “My son was born today (9/9/14)” or “I quit my job and started my new business (7/4/14).”

Then, when you hit a rough patch and start going negative down the failure path, you can open your Success Jar and read about your successes and change the conversation in your mind.

At the end of 2014, think of all the wins that you will have accumulated.  Sit down on New Year’s Eve and open up your jar and replay your successes.  Think of how wonderful your mindset will be as you enter 2015.

What success will you attract?

I can’t wait to hear about it!!