Have you ever found yourself in a situation that you just didn’t want to be in, but you were scared to make a change?  I can hear the responses in near unison – “Well DUH Deb!!!”  Here are a couple of examples to illustrate my point:  You are in a relationship that is going nowhere that you are unfulfilled and unhappy being a part of, but you figure it’s better than being alone.  You have a job, like I did, that you absolutely HATE, but you rationalize and justify that you are lucky to have it, so you stay put.  You want a new set of bedding to brighten up your bedroom, but you have one that is still functional even though you don’t like it anymore, so you justify not spending the money for what you really want.  And I could go on and on.  Well, there is another one of those “laws of the universe” that, once properly understood, can absolutely change your life for the better!!

This law is called “The Vacuum Law of Prosperity” – it states that in order to attract something of a higher nature you must release something of a lower nature.  Nature abhors a vacuum and will fill all empty spaces – and since the universe is inherently good, it will fill those spaces with goodness.  So, what I am suggesting is that you need to make space for what you want in your life.  I’ll give you an example from my own life.  When my husband and I separated and he moved out he took all his “stuff” with him.  His closet and his dresser drawers were empty.  Over time, I expanded and filled the closet and the drawers with my own “stuff.”  When still more time had passed and I was ready to let someone into my life again and I became aware of the Vacuum Law of Prosperity, ever the analytical engineer, I decided to “test” it.  I emptied what had been my husband’s closet and dresser drawers once again to “make space” for my soul mate.  Within a matter of months, those spaces were once again filled, but this time with my true soul mate’s things.  I released something of a lower nature and received something of an infinitely higher nature!

I did the same thing with my job, which I hated.  I set the date to give my notice to my contractor and quit.  As soon as I did this, my consulting business began to take off – again, releasing something of a lower nature to gain something of a higher nature.  A HUGE CAVEAT here!!!!!  There is a difference between taking a step in faith and being foolish – you must have your needs met ALWAYS!!  If you hate your job I am not suggesting that you go to your boss tomorrow and quit if you cannot meet your needs without your paycheck.  You need to be able to feed, shelter and clothe yourself and your family or else you will spend so much time worrying about those things that you will be in a negative vibration and none of this will work because you’ll be attracting even more negative to yourself.

Take a look at your goals and identify those areas where you need to create a vacuum for the universe to fill.  It takes faith and belief to do this and I’m not saying it’s easy!  So start with something small… Like in one of the previous examples, if you want a new bedding set, donate the one you currently have to Goodwill or Salvation Army – make space for the new one and I guarantee you will find a way to get the one you want.  It works every time.  It’s that whole DECISION thing again!!! And it doesn’t just work for material things – if you want peace of mind, get rid of the clutter you are surrounded by – clean out a closet, clear off your desk, organize your bureau – you will be amazed by the peace and calm that can come from releasing clutter!

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