About 2 years ago, while Deb and I were writing The Simple Success Solution, I was struck with the idea to apply the concepts we teach in that book and in all of our programs and presentations to the subject of weight control and fitness.  I knew they worked because in the previous 6 months I had shed nearly 40 pounds using them.  I floated the idea to Deb who thought it was a great idea; however, I dismissed it shortly thereafter.  What did a former Air Force Instructor Pilot and a former University Program Manager know about writing a “diet” book?  We weren’t doctors or nutritionists – who would take us seriously?  Well, the idea kept coming back over and over again during the past couple of years and I finally started drafting the manuscript back in January and really picked up a full head of steam in February.  Yesterday – 2 days shy of 4 months after REALLY getting started – the UPS guy brought us our first shipment of Release:  The Simple Success Solution For Real and Permanent Weight Loss.  It brought tears to my eyes as I opened the box.  The book is intensely personal to me, as I have struggled with my weight my entire life and, in The Release Plan, have actually found a program that WORKS and that I have adopted as a lifestyle.  It IS the manifestation of a dream and Deb and I are so excited to share it with the world!  You can find more information about the book and order your own copy at www.myreleaseplan.com.  Plus, since we are developmental trainers, it wouldn’t do for us to just write a book and leave it at that, so we also created a complete online support program called My Release Plan that is designed to go way beyond the book to keep you focused on your goal and to keep the program fresh and excited, so you never have to suffer through one of those “diet ruts” again.  The basic membership to My Release Plan is always free and then we offer a Premium Membership with amazing expanded resources – extra meal plans and recipes, extra fitness routines, twice weekly emails to keep your mindset right, monthly conference calls with Deb and me where you can receive personal coaching – and it’s all just $24.97/month!!!  Check out My Release Plan right now!!

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