Back in October, Angie and I met with a business strategist (yes, remember way back when I told you that even coaches need coaches?) and it was a crazy meeting.

Angie even ended up in the bathroom in tears at one point!

At the end of the exhausting day of strategic planning, we had our marching orders and ONE of the action items was to write a new book – PRONTO!

Now most of you know the Release story and how Angie cranked that manuscript out in 10 weeks.

Could we do it again?

But see, the problem was, we didn’t HAVE 10 weeks…

We had FOUR!

Four weeks to submit the manuscript to our publisher.

((Cue the horror movie screams!))

And of course you can’t just submit a rough draft – there have to be iterations, so in actuality the first draft of this 200+ page book needed to be written in …

((((wait for it…))))

ONE week.

After waving the smelling salts under Angie’s nose and helping her up off the floor, we got to work.

We did what absolutely, positively had to be done to keep the business running that week, but other than that we wrote – and we wrote – and we wrote some more.

There wasn’t much sleep that week.

Oh, and did I mention that we were training for a century bike race during this time – yeah, we were pretty much delirious by the end of the week.

But, you know what?


And not in a week either.

We cranked out a 200 page manuscript of pretty amazing new stuff – if I do say so myself – in SIX days!!  That’s insanity!!

Most of us have a habit of working on stuff WAY longer than we need to.

We spend days, weeks, and months slaving over our creations.  Or worse yet, we wait until the very last second to take action.  Why?

Because we neglect Parkinson’s Law, which states that work expands to fill the time allotted for it.

Translation?  You give yourself six months to write your new book (or your business plan or start a blog or whatever), you’ll likely take six months, or 6 years, to do it.

Now imagine this.  If Ellen DeGeneres called and said, “Hey! We just had a cancellation on this Friday’s show.  But in order to book you, my producers need to see a 3 minute video within the hour.  Then we’ll send our private jet to get you.”

You think it would take you a week to shoot that video?  Heck no!  You’d be whipping out the FlipCam so fast it would smoke!!

So here’s my dirty little secret for doubling your productivity:

Treat every deadline as if Ellen just called and asked for whatever it is that needs to be done STAT!  Take your normal deadline and cut it in half (or even quarters) and make THAT your new deadline.

What do you have looming over your head that you’ve been putting off?

What deadline do you have off in the distance that could be brought forward and drive you into action?

Think about it.

If I can write an entire book in 6 days – and a darned good one too – how fast can you pump out that blog post or that business plan or that application or whatever it is that YOU have to do?

Faster than you think – of that I am absolutely POSITIVE!

By the way, that book – Remarkable Courage – is hot off the press and it is our best book yet, no doubt about it!!  Check it out here!

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