WOW!  Time flies, huh?  I can’t believe that it’s been over 6 months since I made a blog entry!  How on earth did THAT happen! Well, let me state right here, right now that I resolve to do MUCH better in 2012.

So, let me bring you up-to-date on what’s been happening since last May (omigosh, how embarrassing – and I call myself a writer!!).  As I believe you know from my “Supermanifester” posts, Deb and I sold two houses in Virginia and bought our beautiful new beach home in Ponce Inlet, Florida in April – June.  We needed to stay in Virginia through July 23 because our 16 year old was testing for her black belt at the Kempo Karate School we study at.  We were able to find a small rental home that was available from mid-April through July (a miracle in and of itself in the town we lived in) that accommodated 2 adults, 3 kids and 2 dogs.

Our oldest child graduated from high school on June 5th and moved to Cleveland, OH on June 6th.  That was a bittersweet moment.  She is currently a Freshman majoring in Theatre at Kent State University and is doing magnificently!!  We are very proud!!  Our 16 year old tested for her karate black belt on July 23rd and by all accounts from those who were in the room, she BROUGHT IT!!!  Again, very proud!!  Our young son tested for his Junior Brown Level II belt the week before and also did just great!  We got in the car at 5:30am on July 24th and headed for Florida!  It has been the most amazing experience and the best decision we ever made to move here!  First of all, it’s GORGEOUS here!  We live across the street from the ocean and the sunrises are breathtaking and the ocean is this fantastic sparkly blue-green color and so clear.  The kids were in the ocean on Christmas Day!!!!

Our business probably was the only cause of trepidation when it came to moving.  We were leaving all of our local clients behind in Virginia and, although we have clients all over the world, we would have to start from scratch with our local, face-to-face business.  On August 5th we launched our business at a Chamber of Commerce networking event and we have never looked back.  People in this area are hungry for the material we teach – I guess it’s that way all over though, right?  Our coaching and consulting business exploded – exploded to the point that we hired a National Sales Director in December.  We are so tremendously grateful for how we have been welcomed into our new community and the wonderful friendships we have built in such a short period of time.

So, life has been awesome and crazy busy for the past several months.  That’s no excuse for ignoring my blog – my baby – though.  I’m back baby!!  Wishing you all a glorious 2012!  Happy New Year!!

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