In my books, programs and consulting practice I teach a four-pillar strategy for success that is based upon the structure I learned while serving in the United States Air Force.  It has proven to produce phenomenal results time after time for individuals, teams, groups  and entire companies.

Pillar #1 is Standards.

Setting high standards is absolutely essential to success – be it in your personal life, on your team, in your organization or in your business.

It amazes me what some businesses will accept in terms of performance from their employees…

… the salesperson who makes two sales calls per month because all he does is paperwork;

… the sales manager who will promise anything to get a sale even if he knows he can’t deliver on his promises;

… the secretary who is on personal phone calls or instant messaging on Facebook all day;

… the production worker who spends more time in the break room than on the production line;

… the cashier who grumbles and complains to every customer;

… the rude customer service associate who treats every client as a burden.

It’s not enough to have a warm body occupying a chair!

If an employee is not adding value to your organization, you are flushing money down a toilet every single day that they are on the payroll.

Worse yet, it is not at all uncommon for these substandard employees to drag down the morale and the productivity of the entire organization.

Without standards for performance, how do you sort the “eagles” from the “turkeys?”

You can’t be sure who is sub-standard if you haven’t actually set the standards to begin with.

The military is genius when it comes to standards – if you don’t cut the mustard you are done!

In any organization you are only as strong as the people who are working for you; you have to be willing and able to weed out the bad and recognize the good.

You are never going to get where you want to go by looking the other way.

Likewise, in your personal life you will only achieve as high as you reach.

If you set high standards for yourself, you will achieve at a high level.

If you are content to just get by, well then, don’t expect much out of life.

Stay tuned for Pillar #2 – Discipline…

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