Pillar #2, discipline1_largeDiscipline, is centered around following commands. At its most basic level it is giving yourself a command and then following it, come what may.

It’s not enough to wish for things or hope that circumstances turn out the way you want. You have to decide what you want, commit to the decision and then have the discipline to do whatever it takes to follow through.

See, I believe that most company management teams do a fair job of deciding what they want – they set objectives for various metrics within the organization – sales goals, profitability goals, safety goals, quality goals, etc. – and they do a decent job of committing to them and articulating the goals to the rest of the company employees.

Where they fall short is in instilling the discipline – both in themselves and their employees – to meet those objectives come what may.

Discipline takes courage – it is not comfortable or easy to do whatever it takes. Let’s face it, you can preach the party line at your employees all day long, but just like children, they are going to do what you do – not what you say.

So you can’t expect your staff to be disciplined if you, as their leader, are not. Think about the qualities that you most need in your employees in order to meet your objectives and then get real with yourself, do a personal inventory
and see if you possess those same qualities.

Your results don’t lie. If you are not getting the results you want, it is simply because you are not acting in ways that are consistent with those results. Make no mistake, discipline is a habit and it can be cultivated just as surely as you can develop the habit of brushing your teeth.

Up next… Pillar #3 – Accountability

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