accountability8-p1In a nutshell, Pillar #3 – Accountabilityis the concept of being answerable or responsible to someone for some particular action.

You can be the most disciplined person in the world, but if there is no accountability, it is easy to wander off course.

It is the rare individual indeed who can successfully hold himself accountable day in and day out.

Most people need some manner of outside accountability for it to be meaningful and motivating.

When you are accountable to another person and you have to share your progress with that person regularly, something shifts inside – it lights a fire under you.

The idea of not performing or of letting the person you are accountable to down becomes intolerable.

Many companies use some form of accountability, but often they are using it in the wrong way – rather than using it as a means of motivating people to higher levels of achievement than they ever thought possible, they use accountability as a stick to force people to do certain things.

Force negates everything.

Accountability is an incredibly powerful tool; used properly it lights a creative fire that will burn out of control and propel you forward at lightning speed.

I find the concept of accountability to be so important – such a huge factor in determining success – that I devote an entire chapter to it in my book Remarkable Courage – A Systemized Strategy for Success.

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