One question I hear all the time goes something like this: “Okay Deb, I understand that I have to keep my vibration high and I have to focus on what I want and I have to hold this picture of my perfect life on the screen of my mind with my will and all that.  I GET it, but how do I DO it when everyday life gets in the way and my bank account is down to $10 and there are 10 days left until payday and my daughter just broke curfew for the third time this week and my husband forgot to take out the garbage and I just feel like the whole world is falling down around me?”  I LOVE this question because this is something I have to contend with every day!  People pay me a lot of money to help them develop the mindset to create the results that they want in their lives.  In order to do that, I have to be 100% focused on THEM in our sessions.  I have to actively listen and allow intuition to enable me to guide them on their journey.  I cannot allow my mind to be thinking about my daughter’s boyfriend issues or my son’s behavior cards in school, or the presidential election or WHATEVER “junk” might be going on in my personal life.  If I am absorbed with MY junk, how can I possibly help someone else move past their’s?

So, I have developed the habit of putting all my personal “junk” in a container before I go into a session.  I actually sit back and relax and picture myself taking all my issues and putting them in a container (and I will confess that some days I actually have to STUFF that puppy full), put the lid on and then place it on an imaginary shelf.  Then, with my mind clear, I am able to focus on whatever lies ahead – whether that be working with a client, doing my own Imagineering, spending quality time with my family – whatever.  I have permission to go back and pop the lid off my box and reengage all my junk at a later time if I choose to.

What I have discovered is that when I employ this technique I am a MUCH calmer, focused, effective individual.  AND, best of all, when I do go back and open up my box I often find that the problems that seemed so overwhelming previously were actually not such a big deal after all.

Whenever life gets crazy and overwhelming this week, I encourage you to just put it all in a box.  Visualize yourself taking whatever is bothering you and physically stuffing it into a box.  Pop the lid on and put it on a shelf.  You can always come back to it if you really want to.  Allow yourself the peace and calmness of mind that accompanies sweeping all the mental clutter away.  Use the clear, clean, creative energy that remains to propel yourself forward and create what you want in your life and in your business.

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