2400- Taming the Bully In Your Brain


Learn to quiet the voice of doubt, rise above, and replace that voice with someone more powerful and productive!  (DIGITAL program)

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Are you ready to quiet the Bully In Your Brain?

Anytime we step outside of our comfort zone and try to do something new (or stop doing something that is no longer serving us), the change is scary and often paralyzing.  The bigger the goal, the scarier it is and the harder it is to know “HOW” we can achieve what we want.

In only 5 lessons this program will teach you to go toe to toe with the “bully” in your brain – that little voice that speaks to you whenever you tray to step outside of your box and make a change in your life.  Everyone has that voice.  By doing a lesson a day, you can beat the bully and take control of your life in less than a week!


  • What the bully is
  • Why listening to the bully is the absolute worst thing we can do if we want to change an area of our life
  • How the bully got its voice
  • Why the bully is so mean
  • Why making the decision to change will never be enough
  • How to actually change the conversation with the bully in your brain

5 lessons ….5 assignments ….. 5 days to a more powerful you!




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