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Research indicates that 90% of people who join a network marketing organization will quit within five years.  How can this be true when business icons like Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and Warren Buffet have heralded network marketing as the business model of the future?

In Break Through It:  The Network Marketer’s Manual For Overcoming Obstacles, business and executive coach, Deb Cheslow, goes straight to the heart of the matter.  In Part I, she reveals her proven success system that has helped thousands of people create remarkable results in their lives and in their businesses.  Then, in Part 2, she applies that system to the most common and most daunting obstacles facing people in network marketing businesses – whether they are brand new or seasoned veterans – so that they can break through them once and for all.

Do you want to be “MOST” people or do you want to be REMARKABLE?

Each interactive module provides thought-provoking “break through actions” to help you apply the information to your unique business/life circumstances.  Six (6) Audio CDs offer reinforcement of key concepts and additional coaching from Deb.

In Break Through It, you will experience powerful lessons that will have you:

  • Determining your “why
  • Applying “The 4 Pillars of Success” in your business
  • Moving past the fear of rejection
  • Avoiding pre-judgement of your prospects
  • Moving your team into action
  • Increasing duplication and retention
  • Managing overwhelm
  • Much, much more

The Breakthrough It Program includes 278-page program manual and six audio CDs.

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