It’s a New Year and a time when many people take stock of their business and where they are today versus where they were at this time last year.  It’s usually a fun exercise that makes you feel good about your progress and it can also reveal some strategic holes that you can plug to make even greater gains in the coming year.

I am going to suggest that you take this exercise a step forward and ask yourself three very simple questions:

1.  What am I doing in my business?

2.  What is working?

3. What is NOT working?

Then, obviously, keep doing (and do even more of) the things that are working and STOP doing the things that aren’t!!  It is so simple and so obvious and yet so many people get stuck on this hamster wheel of activity – doing the same things over and over, day after day – even though the activities they are engaging in aren’t moving their business forward!

One of my gifts in business is the ability to look at the big picture and then identify holes that, if left unplugged, can lead to big trouble in your business.  I would love to talk to you about YOUR business!  Call to schedule a complimentary consultation today:  (386) 308-2155.

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