In Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill lays out six practical actions steps that will, when followed, move you from a place of merely wishing for something you want to actually having it. Here’s the first step (and it’s written in terms of money, but understand it will work for anything you desire – a material possession, a wonderful relationship, spiritual awareness and, yes, MONEY!):

Fix in your mind the exact amount of money you desire.

It is not sufficient to just say “I want more money” because your subconscious mind does not deal in generalities – it needs specifics. If I sit here and say to myself over and over again that I want more money and then I walk out into the parking lot and find a penny on the ground – BINGO – more money, I’m done! Here’s exercise that we have our Mastermind group participants engage in – I’m going to ask you to really think about the life that you would like to have – your dream life. If money, people, circumstances, etc. were of no consideration whatsoever… What car would you drive? What would your dream home look like? What kind of vacations would you take? What would your hobbies be? How would you furnish your dream home? Build this big, beautiful picture of what your ideal life would look like and then take some time to figure out how much money you would need to live it. THAT is what we’re talking about – an exact figure. Write it on a card, carry it in your pocket – make it tangible in some way so it triggers you to THINK about that exact amount of money over and over throughout your day. You don’t have to know where the money is going to come from – in fact, don’t give that any consideration at all at this point. Just figure out how much you need to live the life of your dreams and cement it in your mind.