signBelieve me, I’m really getting to the whole underlying factors of dysthymia -honestly, I am – but this is just too good not to share!!! In my last post I told you how Deb and I manifested the SALE of our home in Virginia in 3 days. Well, then we took it one step further… If we could manifest a home sale, could we do the same thing for a home PURCHASE? Deb and I have known exactly what we want in a beach home for a very long time now – we visualize it every single day and write about the life we lead in Florida and such – every day!

2 weeks ago we were traveling to south Florida to help conduct a training and we were planning to spend one day in the area where we want to live when we move in August. We DECIDED that we would find the perfect house at the price we wanted to pay during that ONE DAY. We had NO idea where the financing would come from (being self employed tends to make conventional lenders a bit hesitant), but we KNEW it would come. So, we spent all day Saturday with our fabulous realtor, Elena Scott from Realty Pros in Ormond Beach who planned to show us all the houses that were for sale that met our criteria. We found our house at stop #4 on Saturday – it is absolutely PERFECT for us and meets every criteria we have and then some.

We made an offer on the house on our way to the training on Sunday morning. On Monday morning Deb received a call from a mortgage lender who says, “I hear from a friend that you need financing to purchase a home, how can we win your business?” WHAT??? Then our offer was accepted on Wednesday and our loan approval documentation was received on Thursday. We stopped back through on our way back to Virginia so we could be present for the home inspection.

There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that Napoleon Hill was absolutely right – Whatever you conceive and believe, you can achieve. What ideas are you noodling on that you think are impossible right now? Everything we do is exactly what we teach in our “28 Days to YOUR Success Solution” Online Workshop. If you haven’t already done it, enter your name and email address on our website home page – – and watch our FREE, 40 minute video which will give you the key concepts.

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