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"I'm So Busy…"

We live in a society that glorifies the busy, the frenetic, the over-scheduled, the manic. It’s as if  there were some badge of honor being handed out to the people who are the “busiest” and that if our calendars aren’t jam-packed with appointments from well before dawn until well after dusk we must not want “it” very badly. I’ve been studying this phenomenon for well over a decade now and I have a very simple question: If we’re all so busy getting “it” done day after day, why are there so many people out there who are miserable, unfulfilled, and […]

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Peak Performance Pillar #3 – Accountability

Change is scary.  It can be terrifying.  Every step of the way logic is tugging and pulling at us, determined to hold us back, to keep us stuck; and at some point, it’s going to get overwhelming.   Having a goal and the self-discipline to move forward are important, but they’re never going to be enough, because as human beings, we are not designed to beat our own logic. That’s where the 3rd Pillar in my Peak Performance Success System – Accountability – comes in. Accountability bridges the gap between intention and results.   We must have someone or something holding […]

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Pillar #3 – Accountability

In a nutshell, Pillar #3 – Accountability – is the concept of being answerable or responsible to someone for some particular action. You can be the most disciplined person in the world, but if there is no accountability, it is easy to wander off course. It is the rare individual indeed who can successfully hold himself accountable day in and day out. Most people need some manner of outside accountability for it to be meaningful and motivating. When you are accountable to another person and you have to share your progress with that person regularly, something shifts inside – it […]

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