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It Is What It Is

Here we go again… Angie is racing another 70.3 Half-Iron Distance Triathlon this weekend. The great news is that it is taking place right here in our backyard… almost literally!  Challenge Daytona is hosting a multisport festival this weekend at the Daytona International Speedway and it’s going to be so cool. But here’s the thing… The race is 3 days away and the hand-wringing has already begun over the weather forecast on race day. Angie may as well be sitting at her desk hitting refresh over and over again as much mental energy as she is giving to THE WEATHER. As if […]

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I was watching a short presentation by Mastin Kipp (founder of The Daily Love) the other day and he was discussing the fallacy of fear, and how, when you work your way around to the other side of fear, you find exhilaration. I started thinking about it and the physical sensations of exhilaration and anxiety are almost exactly the same – there’s a kind of buzz in your brain and a funny feeling in your chest… your pulse rate rises… and you get a certain tunnel vision type of focus on the situation at hand.  The difference is the thoughts […]

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