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Deb Speaks

Many people think of America’s Achievement Expert, Deb Cheslow, as a peak performance coach and consultant, a facilitator, and a team member who has the innate ability to get to the root cause of a problem and develop a system to remedy it – and she is… ALL those things. But did you know that Deb also SPEAKS? Deb has been hired by some of the largest corporations in America, including Sam’s Club, WalMart, Ambit Energy, and PNC Bank – just to name a few. From one-hour keynotes to multi-day workshops, Deb crafts each of her presentations into a work […]

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Why Change is So Hard

Change is the key to success. We can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. We can’t continue to be the same person—thinking the same thoughts, feeling the same feelings, and acting in the same old ways—and  expect our lives to change. We have to change, and therein lies the problem: Change is scary and uncomfortable. Every step of the way, the bully in our brain is tugging and pulling at us, holding us back and keeping us stuck. Why? Because our brains are wired to keep us stuck, so, if we want to create a new […]

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