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Beware the Crabs

I read a fantastic essay by Susan Raines-Bridges called “The Miracle of the Crab Pot” that really speaks to the power of conditioning as it relates to you and those who are closest to you. It uses the metaphor of the way crabs behave when they are caught at sea by crab fishermen. When these fisherman head out to sea, they cast out these big nets and bring in great quantities of crabs onto the fishing boat where they are placed in great big holding pots. The instinct of most of the crabs is to make a pile in the […]

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The Connection Between NASA and Habits

Let’s talk about the science of changing habits for a moment. Research has shown that it takes between ~30 days to begin to form a new habit. In fact, one of these research studies is an incredible illustration of the physiological connection between time and “habits.” Back in the early days of the space program, NASA designed an experiment to determine the physiological and psychological effects of the spatial disorientation the astronauts would experience in the weightless environment of space. NASA needed to know if the environment of space would have some unexpected negative consequences that would endanger the astronauts […]

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