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What Causes Dysthymia?

Mental health experts have identified all kinds of underlying factors why women, in particular, are so susceptible to developing depression in their middle years. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, women develop depression at more than twice the rate of men. We’ve boiled these factors down into six basic areas and I’ll take the next 6 blog entries to go through each of these in more detail: Frazzlemania (Overload) 2nd Class Setback (Societal Gender Inequity) Foggy Glasses Syndrome (Perception) The Sucker Punch (Traumatic Life Events) The Clone Effect (Environmental Factors) Comfortitis (Comfort vs. Achievement) Regardless of the underlying […]

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Another Media Alert!!

We hope you enjoyed our interview with Tanya Jacobo on the Truth in Wellness radio show yesterday. Tomorrow (March 3) we will be Dr. Marla Sloane’s guests on the “Mind Over Matters” radio show. It airs at 4pm EST. Here is the show page with a link to listen in live!! Mind over Matters

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