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Falling Apart

What do you do when you’ve been diligently working on yourself for months (maybe even years) and suddenly, to your utter horror, it seems as if your entire world is falling apart? Out of nowhere you lose your job… Your spouse or partner announces they are moving on without you… Friends stop calling… What do you do, and more importantly, what do you THINK if that happens to you? In early 2016, I added some deep-level inner-work (meditation) to my own self development practice, and my coach warned me about this very phenomenon. He said that once you start working […]

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A Monthly Dose of Deb

We’ve had so many people who have seen one of Deb’s presentations or who’ve graduated from one of her coaching programs ask if there was a way they could just get a little “booster shot” of Deb.  Well, we think we finally have what the doctor ordered! Introducing The Monthly Dose of Deb Teleclass The Monthly Dose of Deb Teleclass will meet via phone each month for a full hour.  The first part of the hour will be a discussion of a topic that has come up over and over during conversations.  Deb will bring the topic to light and […]

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