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Pillar #4 – Systems

Pillar #4, Systems, are amazing tools for your business and your life. Essentially, they are “scripts” for how certain things need to be done. The military makes great use of systems – pretty much everything anyone does in any branch of the military has a protocol associated with it. Successful companies are the same way; there are policies and procedures that detail how certain things are to be executed. When I started my business, I drew upon my military experience and took the advice of a mentor who suggested that I run my business from Day #1 as if I […]

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Pillar #3 – Accountability

In a nutshell, Pillar #3 – Accountability – is the concept of being answerable or responsible to someone for some particular action. You can be the most disciplined person in the world, but if there is no accountability, it is easy to wander off course. It is the rare individual indeed who can successfully hold himself accountable day in and day out. Most people need some manner of outside accountability for it to be meaningful and motivating. When you are accountable to another person and you have to share your progress with that person regularly, something shifts inside – it […]

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