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Beware the Crabs

I read a fantastic essay by Susan Raines-Bridges called “The Miracle of the Crab Pot” that really speaks to the power of conditioning as it relates to you and those who are closest to you. It uses the metaphor of the way crabs behave when they are caught at sea by crab fishermen. When these fisherman head out to sea, they cast out these big nets and bring in great quantities of crabs onto the fishing boat where they are placed in great big holding pots. The instinct of most of the crabs is to make a pile in the […]

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Looking Back, Moving Forward

There are only a handful of days until we reach 2014 and for many people it is a time for introspection – for a look back over the year to see what has been accomplished and what still needs to be done. When you look back over 2013 is it with wonder and amazement over how far you’ve come or is it a tad bittersweet, scattered with dreams and desires unfulfilled, false starts, do-overs, and regret? How you view the past year is all a matter of perspective and I KNOW, as surely as I know that the sun will […]

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