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Peak Performance Pillar #4 – Systems

So far, we’ve covered the first 3 pillars of my Success System – Standards, Discipline, and Accountability. Now it’s time to address the GLUE that holds the whole thing together – Pillar #4 – SYSTEMS. Systems are absolutely essential.  Think of them like the script for a movie.  Can you imagine all of the actors and actresses walking onto the set to film a major motion picture without a script?  It would be a disaster. Systems are the scripts for our lives.   We need systems to help circumvent our logic, to keep us moving forward when the going gets […]

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It's The Climb…

It’s frustrating when things don’t go smoothly and work out exactly the way we plan for them to or the way we want them too. It’s maddening when we find ourselves banging our heads against a wall trying to unravel the mystery of why things aren’t working out the way they SHOULD… the way we are promised they will if we just do “X,” “Y,” and “Z.” I get it!  BELIEVE me when I say, I GET IT! I also know that I am approaching the middle of my 5th decade on this planet, but please allow me to quote […]

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Pillar #4 – Systems

Pillar #4, Systems, are amazing tools for your business and your life. Essentially, they are “scripts” for how certain things need to be done. The military makes great use of systems – pretty much everything anyone does in any branch of the military has a protocol associated with it. Successful companies are the same way; there are policies and procedures that detail how certain things are to be executed. When I started my business, I drew upon my military experience and took the advice of a mentor who suggested that I run my business from Day #1 as if I […]

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