So you don't sell eh?When I am working with corporate clients and teams whose goal is to quantum leap the revenue of their company, I am shocked by how many times I hear some variation of the following sentences:

“But, I’m not in sales…”


“I don’t do sales…”


And the funniest (and saddest) part is that it’s not just clients that I hear this from…

I remember a few years back, shortly after Angie bought into our company, I suggested that she attend a seminar I was giving on sales and how to intuitively sell to prospects.

I will NEVER forget her response (and neither will she)…

“But Deb, I don’t sell – that’s one of the greatest thing about owning my own business – I don’t have to sell…”

I seriously about fell off my chair…

Let me be clear, unless you work in a bubble where you never, ever, ever have to communicate with another person or talk to a supervisor or an employee – you, my friend, ARE most assuredly a salesperson – and the sooner you grasp that fact, the more successful you will be – in life, in business, in everything you do.

Think about it for a second…

If you ever interact with a client or a prospect, you are “selling” your company’s image and setting the perception of customer service…

If you are in marketing or PR, you are most definitely selling your company’s image to other companies, people, venues that will give you more exposure – that doesn’t just happen – you have to SELL it!

If you are a secretary who wants to take the afternoon off to go on a field trip with her child, you have to SELL that idea to your boss.

In fact, I can’t think of a single position in a company – big or small – where selling is not a function of the job.

Heck, even in a family situation you are constantly required to “sell” your ideas and preframe objections and such (have you ever tried to get your teenager to clean their room without a little selling involved?).

So, think about that – how can you be a more effective salesperson in your function within your company – or your family?

I’m not talking about stereotypical, used-car salesman stuff here – I’m talking about selling ideas that solve problems.

When you look at your job in relation to effective sales, your results will soar!!

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