The Success FormulaOver the years, I have discovered that there is a “success formula” that works almost 100% of the time!

The Success Formula states:


It’s really pretty simple in theory, but not necessarily easy to put into habitual practice.

First of all, you have to set the standard – the goal that you are aiming for.  That standard has to be something that you really, REALLY want badly – with a burning desire!  I’m not talking about what you think you can get, not what you think you should be happy with – I’m talking about what you WANT.

It doesn’t matter if your goal (your standard) is realistic or not – in fact, it shouldn’t be realistic at all – it should just be something that you want with all your heart and soul.

Next, you have to BELIEVE you can have it.  This can be a tough one!  Your goal should be illogical and you might not know HOW to get it, but it is imperative that you believe you CAN get it.

Then you have to EXPECT it.  One visualization trick I use in my own life, is to picture my goal wrapped up in beautiful Christmas wrapping paper with a pretty bow and a tag that says To Deb.  The package is on the Christmas shelf in my closet – it’s there – it’s MINE – I just have to wait until Christmas morning to open it.  So I can see that package in my mind and generate all the excitement and expectancy of a child on Christmas Eve who is just waiting for Santa to come.  The presents are a guarantee – I just have to wait until morning.  That’s what works for me to generate the expectancy.

Then, you have to take committed, consistent, daily action toward your goal – every single day!

Now, your goal needs to be totally illogical and unrealistic (though believable), but your daily action steps are absolutely logical and planned.

Think of walking up a long staircase – say there are 150 steps to climb.   You can’t start at the bottom and jump to the top of the staircase in a single bound.

No, you take the first step and then the second and then the third…

And then, perhaps you get a burst of energy and you leap from the third to the fifth step…

But all in all, you take one simple step at a time and before you know it, you’re at the top of the staircase.dream machine front

So there you have it, the formula for success – Burning Desire x Belief x Expectancy x Action…

But notice that the terms of the equation are multiplied together.

So if any one term is “zero” the chance of success is also zero.

We have put together a fantastic tool that we call The Dream Machine that habitualizes developing the goal with a burning desire, building the belief and expectation and planning the daily actions.  It is a tremendous tool that will propel you towards your goal at supersonic speed!

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Where would your life be if every time you said “I should…,” you actually DID?

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