The Legend of the Sand Dollar

~ Unknown ~

There is a legend in this land
About a dollar made of sand.
How much it’s worth I’ve not been told,
But to me it’s worth much more than gold.

The Sand Dollar, so they tell,
Is also called “Holy Ghost Shell”.
It’s fascinating as can be
This shell that come forth from the sea.

A religious story it does tell,
This fragile, lovely piece of shell,
Christ’s birth, His death, how He rose again,
Can all be found in this white sand.

An Easter lily – a five pointed star,
Five narrow slits, there they are
Like the spear wound and holes from nails,
Just look at that! It never fails.

A Christmas poinsettia and also the bell
Are found on the opposite side of the shell.
Inside the shell, when it is broken,
Are five little birds – another token.

Five little birds called “Doves of Peace”
To teach us we should never cease
To love and help our fellow man,
The lesson is here – right in the sand.

Sand Dollars tell a story old,
They are worth much more than gold.
As friends like you, and all that is free,
They are a treasure … at least, to me.

Deb and I were walking on the beach last week, talking about some plans we were making for the future.  We find walking along the shore with our feet in the water to be an incredibly creative place – we never fail to come up with all sorts of interesting and innovative solutions to life and business issues there on the sand.  As we were talking about a certain direction we were contemplating, we mused that it would be so nice if the universe would just give us a sign that we’re on the right track, that we’re not spinning our wheels and that everything is going to work out perfectly.  Then, Deb looked down and right in front of her foot was this tiny, absolutely perfect sand dollar.  As you can see from the picture, it was slightly smaller than a quarter and so very delicate.  How had it possibly survived the pounding of the surf and wash up completely in tact on the beach?  We looked at each other and smiled – there was our sign.  We are absolutely on the right track and the universe is conspiring to make everything we want and need come into our life exactly as it is supposed to.  What a tremendously freeing feeling!  We got so excited we were practically “buzzing!”  The feeling of expectation and faith that washed over us was palpable!

As you go through your day, concentrate on feeling like tomorrow is Christmas and that you KNOW there are going to be really cool presents under the tree!  Let that feeling of excitement and expectancy and belief permeate your being.  You will be attracting so much good stuff to you when you practice this exercise – and the more often you can generate this feeling, the more good will come into your life!


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