Think about it – most of us as children were natural dreamers.  One day we wanted to be a doctor, the next day an astronaut or a veterinarian or a teacher or an explorer.  Anything was possible and there were absolutely no limitations!  Unfortunately as we grew up, we were told that daydreaming was for babies and we needed to “grow up” and be “reasonable” – we started relying on logic and weighed the pros and cons and one by one our dreams and our aspirations just withered on our vine of rationality.  Our dream machines became dysfunctional and rusty.  Most people will begin to settle for mediocrity, for whatever life will give them as opposed to achieving an extraordinary life of their dreams.

Learning to dream again means that you spend some time identifying what you want out of life – not what you think you can get, but what you really WANT!  It has been our experience that people who clearly identify and envision their dreams are more excited, consistent and persistent.  And when you become emotionally involved with your dream – your WHY – you will consistently take the steps necessary for success

One final thought on your dreams… PROTECT THEM!!  Protect them with a passion because they will be attacked!  There are many negative people in the world who have a hard time seeing other people moving ahead in their lives – we call these types of people “dream stealers.”  Sometimes it is a family member or a well meaning friend who has settled for mediocrity in their own life and doesn’t want to see you be “disappointed.” More often they are people who don’t have the desire, the discipline, the accountability or the courage to change themselves.  People like this become very uncomfortable with anyone else making positive changes in their life (remember the old saying “misery loves company?”)  So protect your dreams with a vengeance – you only get one life – this is not a dress rehearsal!  Make sure you are creating a life that you truly love!


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