AllyMental health experts have identified all kinds of underlying factors why women, in particular, are so susceptible to developing depression in their middle years. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, women develop depression at more than twice the rate of men. We’ve boiled these factors down into six basic areas and I’ll take the next 6 blog entries to go through each of these in more detail:

  • Frazzlemania (Overload)
  • 2nd Class Setback (Societal Gender Inequity)
  • Foggy Glasses Syndrome (Perception)
  • The Sucker Punch (Traumatic Life Events)
  • The Clone Effect (Environmental Factors)
  • Comfortitis (Comfort vs. Achievement)

Regardless of the underlying factor(s) that bring chronic, low-level depression to the surface, one of two things is at play in the majority of cases.  You see, we are conditioned from our earliest days to go out and achieve “the American Dream” and once we get it – the house, the cars, the perfect job, the perfect spouse, the 2.5 children, etc., we’ll be successful – we’ll be HAPPY!  And then one of two things seems to happen:  Either we actually GET it all,  get comfortable and stop growing and get stuck in a major rut, or we fail along the way and give up on our dreams and feel like a failure.  In either case, our minds become incredibly fertile ground for depression to take root.

I hope you’ll stick with me over the next week and we’ll talk about each of the underlying factors in more detail.  Make it a GREAT day!!!