When it comes to keeping promises and commitments, I believe people fall into one of three camps:

Camp #1: People who keep their commitments to themselves and others NO MATTER WHAT (this is a very small campsite, but it has a perfectly tended fire and a meticulously kept tent!)

Camp #2: People who can’t keep a commitment to themselves or anyone else to save their lives (definitely a bigger campsite, but no fire, no food, and the place is a sty)

Camp#3: People who do their best to keep the commitments they make, and tend to keep those promises they make to other people, but easily break the promises they make to themselves (this is a very crowded campsite)

Which camp do you fall into?

Most of the people I work with in my coaching practice tend to fall into Camp #3. They will bend over backwards to keep a promise made to someone else, but when it comes to the promises they make to themselves, well… those are the first things to go when time and energy are in short supply.

These are the people who are always starting the diet on Monday and then re-starting it again the next Monday…

These are the people who have a great idea for a new business and promise that they will launch it, but then keep finding excuses to wait…

These are the people who start any number of things that they know will be in their best interest, but then stop when the path becomes difficult or when something or someone else needs them or, darn it, when they just FEEL like doing something else.

Here’s the thing: If you want to experience your very best life… If you want to create the life you were meant to live… If you want to be healthy, wealthy, successful, find the relationship of your dreams, or anything else it is CRITICAL that you start keeping commitments – ESPECIALLY the commitments you make to yourself!

“People will treat you with as much or as little respect as you allow them to.” – Rachel Hollis (“Girl, Wash Your Face”)


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Rachel is spot on! And the “people” she eludes to include YOU! YOU will treat yourself with as much or as little respect as you allow yourself to (or feel you deserve). It is impossible to outrun the bully in your brain – the bully who tells you that you’re not good enough or you’re too fat or too old or too whatever to create success in your life. You deserve so much better than that! When we keep the commitments we make to ourselves, we strip away some of the bully’s power. When we’re keeping the promises we make to ourselves, it’s so much easier to look at our reflection in the mirror and feel GREAT about ourselves. And then that feeling spreads to other areas of our lives.

So, I challenge you to go for a week – just 7 days – and keep every promise you make to yourself, no matter what! If you live in Camp #2 or #3, somewhere along the way I can almost guarantee that you’ll try to find a way wriggle out of your commitment. DON’T DO IT! Just 7 days! It is really an eye-opening exercise that can change your life.

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