Be Remarkable!I have a question for you this week – Are you willing to be REMARKABLE – are you willing to do what MOST PEOPLE won’t do?  Because that’s what it takes!

REMARKABLE PEOPLE make the habit of doing things that MOST PEOPLE won’t, don’t or can’t do.

We’ve been talking with clients and colleagues over the past months, working on a solution for the most prevalent stumbling blocks to making the use of our success tools – Imagineering and the Daily Commitment Sheet – a habit. You see, MOST people give them a try and then cast them aside because they take some time and work each day.

The biggest reasons we have discovered are:

1.  Not being consistent

2.  Not being organized

3.  Not committing to the process

4.  Not fully understanding how to use the tools


So, we set out to create a tool – a SYSTEM – that would address all of these issues.

The Dream Machine is a tremendous tool – I use it every single day.

My team uses it every single day.

All of our consulting clients use it every single day.

The Dream Machine incorporates space for daily Imagineering and a Daily Commitment Sheet for 90 days per book.

It includes painstakingly detailed instructions for each process, so you understand how to use each tool.

Here’s what tends to happen – it’s what has happened for everyone who has started using a Dream Machine in earnest.  Once you fill in the first day, you can’t stand the thought of leaving a page blank, so there is accountability (to yourself, if to no one else) to fill in the next day’s pages.

After 90 days of using The Dream Machine, you’ve got yourself a pretty strong habit going!


But see, I decided to go even further than that!

I have produced a program called the Remarkable Results Power Pack that uses CDs and an Action Guide to teach you how to use the Dream Machine to propel you toward your goals at supersonic speed – to learn to use Imagineering and the Daily Commitment Sheet the way some of the most successful people throughout history have used them!!

MOST PEOPLE will not take advantage of either of these programs.  MOST PEOPLE will continue to do what they’ve been doing – giving half-hearted efforts, getting mediocre results.

MOST PEOPLE will think they’ve got it covered – that they are doing it all right – so what if I’m only Imagineering 2 days per week and filling out a daily commitment sheet here and there –that’s good enough, right? (WRONG!!)

I would like to ask you to look at your results – they never lie.

So, do YOU want to be MOST PEOPLE or do you want to catapult your success to REMARKABLE levels?

The Remarkable Results Power Pack retails for $197.00 and The Dream Machine retails for $24.95, but I want you to have these tools in your arsenal – I want you to experience REMARKABLE success!

Order through this link today to receive both The Dream Machine and the Remarkable Results Power Pack, for the truly remarkable price of $149.95!

Are you willing to do what MOST PEOPLE won’t do?  Order your package today and watch your success soar!!

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