getontheshelfBack on July 23 my partner, Angie Flynn, received an email from Walmart.  We had submitted one of our books for consideration to be stocked by Walmart earlier in the year, and although they weren’t interested in that book, they were now inviting us to submit our Remarkable Results Power Pack to a contest called “Get on the Shelf.”

The contest’s purpose is to identify great products and to give those products more public visibility and an opportunity to gain placement on the shelves of Walmart stores.

Angie read the email and almost dismissed it out of hand because on top of an already packed schedule and an upcoming vacation we would have to produce a video highlighting our product and what was so special about it and us…

Oh yes, and the video had to be submitted by July 31st – 5 working days away.

Angie forwarded the email with a note that said simply, “This could be fun.”

At our staff meeting the next morning (Wednesday), the mastermind juices were flowing and we decided that we needed much more than a simple flipcam video and a camtasia edit job.

It just so happened that Freddie (Marketing) and Cathy (Sales) had met a young videographer in Winter Park the week before.  I suggested they call him and see what he could do in a week and promptly forgot all about it, figuring there just wasn’t enough lead time for an REAL video.

Fast-forward to Friday morning… Cathy had spoken to Andrew and he wanted to do the job and could work with our time constraints.  BTW, if you need a good videographer with vision, contact Andrew McIntosh at  Angie set to work compiling all the still photos he needed and sending them to him.  Meanwhile, Freddie mentioned the shoot to her friend, Brian Toung, who offered up his plane and hangar to shoot the video in.

On Monday morning, I showed up at the airport, spend 10 minutes talking to Andrew, who had the whole interview and shoot mapped out (in a way that totally matched my vision) and we got to work.  3 hours later I was back at my office.

We got the video on Wednesday morning and submitted it to Walmart on Wednesday afternoon.  It was seamless!!!

On Tuesday August 6th, Angie received notification from Walmart that our product had been selected to move to the audition round.

The synchronicity of the universe never ceases to amaze me!  If you have something you want to achieve – just do it – no matter how long the odds are.

Will we get on the shelf?  Who knows?  But because we took action, we at least have a shot!

You can help us, help Walmart make better possible by voting to have our Remarkable Results Power Pack stocked on Walmart’s shelves.  Help us get on the shelf!  Vote today and every day now through September 2nd!!

Oh, and here’s the finished video – the video that should never have been possible!

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