Several years ago when I made the decision to make some serious changes in my life regarding my personal life, my career, my financial life, etc., I knew what I wanted to achieve, but I had no clue what I needed to do first.

My goals were way beyond anything I had done in my life to that point and it became clear to me early on if I ever wanted to reach my goals I needed to find someone who had achieved the things I was striving for to teach me what I needed to do.

So, I found a coach.

Yes, although I AM a business consultant – a “coach” if you will – I also HAVE a business coach and I’ll tell you why.

Like I said, when you’re going after something that is beyond your past experience you are going to have to change some things and when you start to change good old Mr. X tends to come calling.

You run into the terror barrier and, left to your own devices, will almost always run back to the comfort and safety of your paradigm.

A coach or a mentor can help you see past your own logic to all the wonderful possibilities that exist if you really let your imagination soar and explore them.

A mentor who has already walked the path that you are starting down is also a wonderful resource who can help you anticipate obstacles and plan around them by giving you the benefit of their “been there, done that” wisdom.

Plus, they tend to make outstanding accountability partners – folks who will really hold your feet to the fire.

In my case, I would have rather cut off my arm than let my mentor down.

Now, there are some caveats as well.

Don’t think that just because you go out and hire a coach that the burden of judgment and responsibility are lifted from your shoulders – that is not the case at all.

You should listen to a mentor and then evaluate their advice based on your own judgment – taking logic out of the equation as much as possible.

I always ask myself one simple question: “What is the WORST thing that could happen if I take this advice?”

As long as the answer isn’t losing my house or not being able to feed my family or that I would intentionally do something immoral or unethical, I generally go for it – and it has served me very well!

Another point to note is that your mentor will never do the work for you (at least they SHOULDN’T) because the growth comes from the repeated action that changes the paradigm – if you’re not DOING anything then you’ll never change, right?

You have to do the work!

Think about this.

Is there an area in your business or in your personal life where you could benefit from having a consultant/mentor?

You can find coaches in just about every field imaginable these days.

It could be that you need to make a financial investment to hire someone as your coach – or you may know someone in your networking circles who may be willing to do it for free.

Regardless, I know of NO better way to get from where you are to where you want to be than enlisting the help of a mentor.

If this is something that you have been thinking about…

Or are thinking about now, give me a call…

I’m happy to discuss your unique situation in a complimentary consultation and see if we are a match.  (386) 308-2155

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