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So, why do we word the goal on the goal card in the present tense, as if it has already manifested in our life?

Your subconscious mind takes everything literally – to a degree of subtlety that probably not one in ten thousand people understands. The subconscious only accepts commands given to it in the present tense, personal, positive format and it accepts them most readily when read and visualized repeatedly with faith, emotion, gratitude and an already-having-received attitude.

If you write your goal as being in the future then when you read it and emotionalize it, it will be with feelings that it is just slightly out of reach.  That being the case, the universe will make sure your goal stays just ever so slightly out of your reach.  Wording the goal in the present tense and emotionalizing it as already having manifested in your life will generate images coincident with having that which you desire.  Writing causes thinking, thinking builds images, images cause feelings, feelings drive you into actions and actions, of course, produce results in alignment with the feelings.

If we’re supposed to word the goal in the present tense, why do we have a date on the goal card that is in the future?

Parkinson’s Law dictates that work expands to fill the time allotted for it.  I’m sure you can think of examples of this in your day to day life.  I remember when I was in college, a professor would give an assignment at the beginning of the semester that wasn’t due until the end of the semester.  I would always put off working on the project until the week before it was due because I rationalized that I had plenty of time.  I always managed to get the project turned in on time, but I was also always up until 4 am the day it was due working on completing it too.  Now, if I had committed to having the project completed by the halfway point of the semester, I likely would have hit that mark too!  Our goals can be much like that college project.  We need a date to work towards so that we have a point of focus.  Be careful of giving yourself too much time though.  Since Parkinson’s Law is at work, the work will expand to fill the time you give yourself to complete it.  So, challenge yourself, push yourself when you set your date – it will make you work harder and feel more urgency to achieve it and keep you from becoming complacent.  In the seminar where Bob gave us this information, a student asked another very logical question:  “Bob, what happens if your goal date comes and you haven’t achieved your goal?”  He just laughed and said, “Well, that just means you picked the wrong date!  Don’t change the goal, just change the date!”  Then he went on to explain that the Law of Gender was at work as well and that until man can predict the gestation period of a non-physical seed (i.e., a thought, an idea, or a goal) we would always be taking educated guesses regarding the date when they would manifest.  Don’t change the goal, just pick a new date.  Keep going!!

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